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Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN)

is helping to enhance Colorado's watersheds and water quality by providing

CDSN's data partners and Colorado's citizens with an accessible and affordable tool kit

for data management, data analysis, and data sharing.





April 15, 2014 -- AWQMS 3.01 released and deployed!



Updated January 31, 2014! Announcement from Water Quality Control Division (WQCD):

"The Division is also working with the Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) on this data call for the South Platte River Basin as well as the data call for the monitoring requirement in Regulation No. 85. If you are working with CDSN on the management of your data, or would like to start using CDSN, please submit your data through them by going to http://www.coloradowaterdata.org/datacalls_cdsn.html. There is no reason to double submit your data and it is more efficient for the Division to receive your data through the CDSN. An added benefit of using CDSN is that your data will be available, along with all other participating entities’ data, for other uses including CDSN mapping and analytical tools. If you are using the CDSN, please notify the Division by April 1st, 2014 that you are doing so. You will also need to begin working with CDSN as soon as possible, but no later than February 15, 2014." >> More


Latest Data Partners & New Minimum Data Element Fact Sheet, Universal Physical-Chemical data upload template and companion import configuration files:

In 2013 CDSN added 21 New Data Partners who are in various stages of uploading new project, monitoring locations and data into AWQMS! 2 more organizations have joined in early 2014, for a total of 61 data providing organizations managing and sharing their data using CDSN. In 2014 we updated our minimum data elements and templates. Please download the latest versions when you upload data.

What is AWQMS?

AWQMS stands for "Ambient Water Quality Management System".

This is our WQX-compatible database with built in analysis tools for managing surface water, ground water, biological and other types of environmental data -- ANYONE can search for monitoring locations, exceedances, and download data stored in AWQMS from the CDSN Google-Map and advanced queries, reports, charts and graphs can be created along with extensive data downloads from the public AWQMS portal. See the AWQMS page for more info. To help you get download data see this guide:

Quick start to downloading data from AWQMS

CDSN NEWS & Tool Kit Updates

CDSN Google Exceedance Mapper and Web GIS Application:

Please visit the redesigned Exceedance Mapper and Web GIS Applications, released in July 2013. Quick start guides with tutorials are on the top of their respective pages. The Exceedance Mapper allows anyone to search for monitoring locations, exceedances, and download data from the CDSN Google-Map.


The redesigned Exceedance Mapper now lets you see both the monitoring locations where there are exceedances at the same time you can see those that don't exceed your thresholds for your analytes. The streamlining of the Google-map and Exceedance feature into one legend has changed how the map works a bit. Whether you are a veteran or a new CDSN Google-map user, please take a minute to skim through this updated quick-start guide:

CDSN Google-Map quick start guide (July 1, 2013).

The Web GIS Application lets anyone perform basic geo-spatial queries from the online utility. More advanced functions, including using the application in your own desktop GIS environment are available--just see the quick start guides. There are two, one for those WITH an ESRI ArcGIS Online user account and one for those WITHOUT one. See the GIS page for a link to instructions on how to make your own account.

Basic Public Quick Start Guide for using the CDSN WebGIS application withOUT an ArcGIS Online User Account
Public Quick Start Guide for using the CDSN WebGIS application WITH an ArcGIS Online User Account


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Host a SWAP:

Watershed Swaps are a gathering of all entities in a basin that are engaged in watershed management, collecting data or need data.   At the gathering a facilitator helps all participants “swap” or share monitoring priorities, what we are doing, where, why, when, how and our monitoring and assessment needs and concerns. >> More



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