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Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN)

is helping to enhance Colorado's watersheds and water quality by providing

CDSN's data partners and Colorado's citizens with an accessible and affordable tool kit

for data management, data analysis, and data sharing.



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CDSN News --

CDSN is currently helping 65 different data organizations manage 2.3 million water quality results for over 11,000 monitoring locations in Colorado, while saving our data partners over $1 Million in fees if they were individually managing their data vs. using the collaborative CDSN data management system and tool kit. Since January 2012 we have tripled the data in CDSN and quadrupled the number of data providers participating. The public and data organizations can access, analyze and download this data, all in a single format, anytime they desire. To join CDSN, please contact the Project Coordinator at cdsn@coloradowaterdata.org or 970-258.0836. Please consider a contribution to our important project which benefits all Coloradoans.


Due to a string of technical and reliability issues, the Project Coordinators now share a new email address effective immediately -- cdsn@coloradowaterdata.org. If you have recently (in the last few months) emailed the Project Coordinators and didn't get a response, please try the new email address. You can also call us, including most nights and weekends at 970-258-0836.
We also reorganized our website into a more readable format for all the technical information we have for you on using the CDSN data management system and toolkit. The tabs should be cross-platform, multi-browser, and smart phone/tablet compatible. Let us know your feedback and if you have any suggestions for content or placement of content. There is a keyword search box on the bottom of every page that will do a site-wide search for you.


The Physical-Chemical Data Upload Template, Minimum Data Element Fact Sheet, and companion Import Configuration Files are on our AWQMS Portal Page. The Template was updated in October to include hundreds of new WQX-valid values for several minimum data elements including Analytical Method, Characteristic Name, Method Speciation, Result Detection Quantitation Limit Type and more. The Activity/Results tab has a new optional column (matched with an updated import configuration file available for download and import into AWQMS) recommended by labs as good data management -- LabSampleID. Many lab output EDDs include the Lab Sample ID. You can cut/paste this easily into the upload template. The updated template, minimum data elements fact sheet and companion import configuration files are available for download on our AWQMS Portals & Resources page >> Upload Templates Tab.

September 12, 2014 -- AWQMS 3.20 released and deployed!

Technical notes are available from our programmers <here>. A webinar created by the programmers highlighting new features is <here>.

WQCD REG 85 Resources --

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) Water Quality Control Division (WQCD) posts Reg85 updated information and important news about Reg85 Stakeholder meetings and the Nutrients 2015 Triennial Review <here> and also <here>. We recommend checking both of these links frequently. The next WQCD Reg85 Stakeholder meeting is November 17, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. WQCD's Reg85 contact information is 303-692-6412 or cdphe.nutrients@state.co.us.


The Exceedance Mapper allows anyone to search for monitoring locations, exceedances, and download data from the CDSN Google-Map. The redesigned Exceedance Mapper now lets you see both the monitoring locations where there are exceedances at the same time you can see those that don't exceed your thresholds for your analytes. In addition to the AWQMS monitoring locations, the mapper also displays monitoring locations having data in EPA National Data Warehouse (WQX/STORET) and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) NWIS/NAWQA monitoring locations.The streamlining of the Google-map and Exceedance feature into one legend has changed how the map works a bit. Whether you are a veteran or a new CDSN Google-map user, please take a minute to skim through this updated quick-start guide:
CDSN Google-Map quick start guide (July 1, 2013).

ON-LINE & DESKTOP GIS UTILITY, Deployed July 2013 --

The Web GIS Application lets anyone perform basic geo-spatial queries from the on-line utility. More advanced functions, including using the application in your own desktop GIS environment are available--just see the quick start guides. There are two, one for those WITH an ESRI ArcGIS On-line user account and one for those WITHOUT one. See the GIS page for a link to instructions on how to make your own account.
Basic Public Quick Start Guide for using the CDSN WebGIS application with OUT an ArcGIS On-line User Account
Public Quick Start Guide for using the CDSN WebGIS application WITH an ArcGIS On-line User Account


Watch for the WQCD & CDSN announcements in late 2014-Jan 2015!

Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) provides data to WQCD for Triennial Rulemaking and Regulation 85 data calls each year. In January 2014, WQCD announced "The Division is also working with the Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) on this data call", ... "as well as the data call for the monitoring requirement in Regulation No. 85.¬† If you are working with CDSN on the management of your data, or would like to start using CDSN, please submit your data to the CDSN by going to http://www.coloradowaterdata.org/datacalls_cdsn.html for more information. There is no reason to double submit your data and it is more efficient for the Division to receive your data through the CDSN. An added benefit of using CDSN is that your data will be available, along with all other participating entities’ data, for other uses including CDSN mapping and analytical tools." If you are using the CDSN, please notify the CDSN by November 1, 2014 that you are doing so. You will need to begin working with CDSN as soon as possible, ideally no later than November 15, 2014." WQCD would like CDSN to submit your REG 85 & REG 93 (303(d) List of Impaired Waters) data ASAP begininning in January 2015 because of very tight deadlines.
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Recent Presentations --

October 2014 - Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference, pre-conference workshop - Presentation & Live Demo
Presentation PowerPoint (25mb)
November 2014 - DRAFT BUDGET
Presentation PowerPoint




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