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CDSN Monitoring Location & Exceedance Application.

We are helping to enhance Colorado's watersheds and water quality by providing CDSN's data partners and Colorado's citizens with an accessible and affordable tool kit for data management, data analysis, and data sharing. CDSN is currently helping over 70 different data organizations manage, share, and analyze more than 4.1 million water quality results at over 12,000 monitoring locations throughout Colorado.

Hint: Make sure you press the "Apply Criteria To Map" button after making selections or changing map view.
pdf Monitoring Location & Exceedance Utility Instructions

Mapping Application:

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CDSN Monitoring Location Exceedance Application

User Info:

The CDSN \Monitoring Location & Exceedance Application (aka "CDSN Google-Map") was developed by CDSN in 2011, in tandem with AWQMS developers, CDPHE WQCD and EPA Region 8. In 2013, a new exceedances feature was deployed.
The application allows a user to see monitoring location metadata quickly when the mouse is rolled-over an AWQMS, USGS NWIS, or EPA National Data Warehouse monitoring location at an appropriate zoom level. A summary of water quality data results can be viewed or downloaded for AWQMS and EPA monitoring locations from the application simply by clicking on the monitoring location, again at the appropriate zoom level. Clicking on a USGS monitoring location will take you to a USGS data download page where you can download the USGS water quality results data.
The user can turn on the Exceedance filter and specify a characteristic and a threshold to the AWQMS monitoring locations (EPA & USGS monitoring locations will continue to display but do not get filtered by the exceedance function). AWQMS Monitoring locations having "hits" or exceedances will then turn red. With the Exceedance filter active, only data that exceeds the threshold specified for the characteristics specified will be provided for viewing/download upon clicking on a "red" AWQMS monitoring location. Again, the exceedance filter only works on AWQMS monitoring locations.

Application Hints:

  • The Map will make each user complete the free user registeration the first time it is accessed with an email address. After that the map will remember your info the next time you login with your email address. We will not share your information. You must press the "Login" Button with your mouse! Hitting the "Return" key after entering your email address will not work.
  • First-time & veteran users should view this UPDATED quick start guide pdf Monitoring Location & Exceedance Application Instructions (January 2015).
  • At the proper zoom-in levels, you will be able to see and interact with monitoring locations from three different databases - CDSN AWQMS, EPA National Data Warehouse, and USGS NWIS. For a CDSN AWQMS monitoring location to be visible on the CDSN Google-map, it must have activity/results data stored in AWQMS, and not just monitoring location metadata.
  • The Exceedance filter only works on AWQMS monitoring locations. You must zoom in enough so that the monitoring location symbol changes from a "dot" to a "waterdrop" to make the data download feature work.
  • Once an Exceedance filter is set, only the results data for the specified characteristic, exceeding the specified threshold will be displayed in results tables.
  • Roll your mouse over a monitoring location to see metadata about the monitoring location. Click on a monitoring location to view/download real-time results data into a table.
  • Sometimes, users will get a message box that occurs when there are no monitoring locations within your zoomed-in view that meet your search criteria.¬† This doesn't necessarily mean that no monitoring locations matching your selected Organization or Exceedance critera parameters exist within the CDSN. You can use the Expanded Legend tab to see the full names of the data contributing organizations and the number of monitoring locations stored in AWQMS, to get an idea of where they may have monitoring locations. Zoom-out and pan around the map to see if you will find monitoring locations meeting your selected criteria from a different map view.¬† You will need to press the "Apply Criteria to Map" button again from your new view to see if there are monitoring locations matching your critieria within your revised map view.

Legend and Statistics

This legend provides the Organization ID codes, full names of CDSN data partners (those in blue are linked to their web sites) and a summary of the amount of data by organization contained in AWQMS.
Organization ID Organization Name Total Activities Total Results Results Added Last 12 Mths Min Activity Date Max Activity Date
ANIMASWP Animas Watershed Partnership 709 709   03-08-2010 11-24-2015
ARR Adams Rib Ranch (ARR)          
ARSG Animas River Stakeholders Group (Colorado) 4,143 142,859   05-28-1987 10-09-2015
ARWRF Alamosa River Watershed Restoration Foundation (ARWRF)          
AURORA_WQX City of Aurora 2,737 25,765 1,969 10-07-1998 12-20-2017
BESD Boxelder Sanitation District 290 912 180 03-06-2013 12-06-2017
BIGDRY Big Dry Creek Watershed Association          
BLMRW Barr Lake Milton Reservoir Watershed (Colorado) 5,392 69,228 3,728 08-30-1994 12-19-2017
BRIGHTON_WQX City of Brighton 332 1,724 94 02-03-1999 12-12-2017
BTWTRFRM Big Thompson Watershed Forum (CO) 1,995 8,281   10-31-2000 05-08-2007
CCWC Coal Creek Watershed Coalition (Colorado) 1,448 39,411   06-06-2006 05-26-2016
CCWF Clear Creek Watershed Foundation (CCWF) 4,016 40,776   08-31-2001 06-24-2015
CDOT Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) 6,671 16,101   02-26-1997 10-15-2009
CDPHE-NPSP CDPHE-Nonpoint Source Program¬†          
CGWPCF City of Greeley Water Pollution Control Facility 348 1,024 216 03-06-2013 12-06-2017
CHEROKEEMD Cherokee Metropolitan District 105 668   02-10-2015 12-07-2017
CHEYENNEWSD1 Cheyenne Wells Sanitation District 22 99   04-11-2013 12-16-2014
CITYFTCO_WQX City of Fort Collins (Colorado) 4,205 24,813 1,135 01-02-2002 12-06-2017
CITYPUEBLO_WWD City of Pueblo Wastewater Department 2,508 11,185   01-01-2013 12-07-2017
CMCNRMI_WQX Colorado Mountain College Natural Resource Management          
COLO319 Colorado 319 Projects 905 5,042   05-12-2001 12-08-2015
COLOSU Colorado Springs Utilities 1,567 4,495 666 01-16-2013 12-21-2017
CORIVWCH_WQX The Rivers of Colorado Water Watch Network (RiverWatch) 131,516 1,430,214 1,430,214 01-02-1930 06-19-2018
CSH Carestream Health, Inc. 290 870 180 03-06-2013 12-06-2017
CSU_SEFE Colorado State University Selenium and Iron Studies 3,086 21,173   04-25-2003 01-16-2014
CUSP Coalition for the Upper South Platte (CUSP)          
CUSS Colorado USGS Selenium Studies 1,901 9,470   01-11-1988 03-08-2006
CWSD_WQX Centennial Water and Sanitation District 3,543 46,808 3,591 02-03-1998 12-20-2017
DDEH_WQX Denver Department of Public Health and Environment 8,610 54,770   01-05-2009 12-28-2016
DRMS Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety (DRMS) 2,109 9,877   09-18-2008 10-02-2015
ERWC Eagle River Watershed Council (ERWC)          
FORTLWWTP Fort Lupton Wastewater Treatment Plant          
FOUNSD Fountain Sanitation District 976 4,744 1,152 02-27-2013 12-13-2017
GCWIN Grand County Water Information Network 1,001 1,272 1,272 06-04-1953 09-08-2014
GEI GEI Consultants 16,218 18,535   09-12-2005 11-19-2013
GLENDALE_WQX City of Glendale 569 4,378   09-16-1998 12-17-2004
LEWWTP_WQX Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant 6,061 84,671   12-19-1995 12-21-2016
LFGC Leprino Foods Greeley Cheese and Whey Facility 290 918 192 03-06-2013 12-06-2017
LFMSDD Lower Fountain Metropolitan Sewage Disposal District 735 3,856 600 11-13-2013 12-13-2017
LFVC Lake Fork Valley Conservancy 1,671 2,397   06-06-2012 06-22-2013
LFWS Lake Fork Watershed Stakeholders (Colorado) 383 8,635   06-01-2005 09-06-2007
LSFOBLM Little Snake Field Office, BLM          
MIDCOWATERSHED Middle Colorado Watershed Council 709 714 708 08-24-2015 10-19-2017
MILLERCOORS MillerCoors 287 910 180 03-27-2013 12-06-2017
MSI Mountain Studies Institute (MSI)          
MWRD_WQX Metro Waste Water Reclamation District 54,737 634,268 52,133 01-21-1987 12-18-2018
NCWCD Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (Colorado) 2,790 16,286   05-23-2002 05-28-2008
NFRIA North Fork River Improvement Association (NFRIA) - Colorado 2,531 13,073   11-08-2000 12-18-2012
PICEANCE_LDR Piceance Basin Legacy Data Repository 1,052,826 1,052,826   01-01-1901 11-05-2009
PUEBLOWMD Pueblo West Metropolitan District 1,813 3,468 951 01-22-2013 12-07-2017
RFC Roaring Fork Conservancy 30 719   08-29-2012 09-28-2012
RGHRP Rio Grande Headwaters Restoration Project (RGHRP)          
SACWSD_WQX South Adams County Water and Sanitation District 1,400 15,628 818 01-06-1999 12-14-2017
SAINTVSD Saint Vrain Sanitation District          
SDJSA Silverthorne/Dillon Joint Sewer Authority 22 43   03-19-2009 01-06-2010
SJWG San Juan Watershed Group 2,447 3,032   04-01-2013 10-27-2014
SMWC San Miguel Watershed Coalition 641 1,803   05-21-2014 11-02-2016
SSD Security Sanitation District 1,318 5,901 1,296 02-27-2013 12-07-2017
STANDLEY Standley Lake Watershed Group 50 515   02-07-2011 06-21-2011
STF Gunnison Basin & Grand Valley Selenium Task Force (STF) 435 452   08-13-2009 08-28-2012
SUNENCO Suncor Energy (USA) Inc. (Colorado)          
SWQC Summit Water Quality Committee 5,744 39,198 2,785 01-08-2008 12-07-2017
THORNTON_WQX City of Thornton 3,716 12,222 2,158 09-16-1998 12-06-2017
TRILWWTF Tri Lakes Wastewater Treatment Facility 1,464 5,079 1,317 03-19-2013 12-12-2017
TWWWTF Town of Windsor Wastewater Treatment Facility 290 870 180 03-06-2013 12-06-2017
UWP Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership 634 3,999 950 06-11-2014 09-27-2017
WILLOWCREEK Willow Creek Reclamation Committee          
WMHMD Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District 694 3,322   03-25-2013 12-07-2017
WRFOBLM White River Field Office - BLM 1 37   10-05-2011 10-05-2011
WWSD Widefield Water and Sanitation District 1,235 6,023 1,320 03-14-2013 12-12-2017