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Please Help Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN).

We are helping to enhance Colorado's watersheds and water quality by providing CDSN's data partners and Colorado's citizens with an accessible and affordable tool kit for data management, data analysis, and data sharing.

CDSN is currently helping over 70 different data organizations manage, share, and analyze more than 5.4 million water quality results at over 25,000 monitoring locations throughout Colorado.
It takes dedication, innovation, data, time, and money to sustain a resilient data sharing network for data managers and for all of Colorado.
We provide acess to the AWQMS cutting edge data management system that saves data owners time by allowing them to upload their data in the same format for submission to different programs administered by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Environmental Protection Agency's Water Quality Exchange (WQX) whenever they choose, without any additional formatting or effort. The AWQMS data management system has built in features for queries, downloads, and creating charts, graphs, and maps. CDSN has saved its data providers over $1 million through shared hosting of the data management system vs. what it would cost for them to have an independent standalone subscription. CDSN's Tool Kit provides data uploaders and the public access to innovative search, filter, download, and GIS applications.
Please support the CDSN by contributing. You can become a contributer by sharing data, serving on an advisory committee, hosting a meeting, or making a donation.


Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Colorado Data Sharing Network. Any amount helps and is appreciated!

The Colorado Watershed Assembly is a 501(c)3 nonprofit is our fiscal agent. Your contribution supports the maintenance and enhancement of our data management system that allows makes more than 4.6 million water quality data records at more than 12,000 Colorado monitoring locations for over 70 different water data organizations available to you and the public for download and analysis. It is expensive to provide high-quality support and upgrades to our mapping, GIS, and analysis applications. Abundant data ensures that the water quality of Colorado’s rivers, streams, lakes, ditches, and springs is being managed and informs essential decisions.

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You may make a tax-deductible donation by completing this form and mailing it to:

CDSN-CWQMC c/o Colorado Watershed Assembly

PO Box 460736

Glendale, CO 80246

Your donation will be a qualified 501(c)3 contribution.

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Become a CDSN data partner -- manage and share your water quality data with CDSN's tools, while saving time and money!

Our customized Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS) web-based data management system is compatible with the EPA National Data Warehouse Water Quality Exchange (WQX aka STORET). AWQMS handles chemical, physical, biological, habitat, and toxicity data along with habitat assessment and metric scores, and biological index scores. Core functions include building queries; uploading, updating, or deleting data records; submitting data to EPA National Data Warehouse (WQX) without reformatting data; creating reports, charts, and graphs; and exporting data into a single flat file or cross-tab excel file.
Managing your data with CDSN's took kit will save everyone time and money.
CDSN data organizations upload data via the CDSN Upload Template and do not need to use any CDPHE forms to submit data required for REG85 or for any other CDPHE data call. Once data is in CDSN, we will submit it to CDPHE for you with no extra formatting required. CDSN's tool kit also includes the interactive Monitoring Site & Exceedance app for finding data of interest and simple downloads and a suite of ArcGIS Online apps for geospatial analysis of monitoring sites by HUC or proximity to impaired waters or other data layers.

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Contribute your time and talent to CDSN & CWQMC!

CDSN's leadership is seeking volunteers from across Colorado who are willing to help with outreach, mentoring, or providing technical advice for the Colorado Data Sharing Network. Our volunteers typically contribute about 1 to 2 hours a month and all meetings can be attended remotely. If you are willing to serve as a volunteer board member, please contact Bob McDade, Colorado Water Quality Monitoring Council President.

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