colorado water quality data

Using Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) Has Benefits.

CDSN conducts joint Data Calls annually with CDPHE and the Water Quality Control Division to make it easy for you to submit your data directly from AWQMS, without reformatting. No need to double submit data for submission to WQCD for Data Calls or Reg85. WQCD has determined that it is more efficient for WQCD to receive your data through CDSN.

CDSN is currently helping over 70 different data organizations manage, share, and analyze more than 4.3 million water quality results at over 12,000 monitoring locations throughout Colorado. Colorado Data Sharing Network (CDSN) saves these organizations time and money by submiting data to WQCD for Triennial Rule making and Regulation 85 data calls each year.
IN APRIL 2021 CDSN SUBMITTED OVER 10,000 NUTRIENT RESULTS FOR 25 ORGANIZATIONS AND 31 DISCHARGE PERMTS TO CDPHE FOR REG85! We submitted over 180,000 results for 22 data partners to CDPHE for the most recent data calls for Regulations 34, 35, and 38.
In 2014, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Water Quality Control Division has announced, "There is no reason to double submit your data and it is more efficient for the Division to receive your data through the CDSN. An added benefit of using CDSN is that your data will be available, along with all other participating entities’ data, for other uses including CDSN mapping and analytical tools." Each year CDSN works with data providers and CDPHE to facilitate sending batch submittals of data in CDSN to CDPHE for Regulation 85 or other data calls. Data must be uploaded into CDSN by April 1. Data organizations must notify CDSN in February each year of the intention to have CDSN submit their data to CDPHE.
Customized support and assistance.
CDSN provides on-demand technical assistance to data organizations to help ensure they are using the most streamlined workflow and utilizing best practices for data formatting prior to upload. We help organizations optimize their lab outputs for upload into CDSN. CDSN also provides:
  • Expert data formatting and upload services for a reasonable hourly fee to simplify and expedite the upload process; we also provide data download and submission services;
  • AWQMS data upload templates and helpful resources for all of the CDSN tools;
  • Customized training and presentations remotely or at your location.
Access to the CDSN Tool Kit! Your data is available immediately and can be combined with others' data for exports, more robust analyses and for overall better water management decision making.
Your organization's data is stored with dozens of other Colorado data providers' data in a system that makes all of the stored data available immediately and in the future. You can search, filter, map, chart, and graph your own data in conjunction with other's data at the same time for use with monitoring and restoration planning, research and overall better water management decision making. Your monitoring locations and data will be connected to the CDSN Monitoring Sites & Exceedances App and to the ArcGIS apps. Data that is pushed into the EPA's Water Quality Exchange can also inform the eRAMS "WATERSHED RAPID ASSESSMENT PROGRAM (WRAP)" tool.
Using CDSN ensures the maximum use of all data uploaded at a minimum of cost.
This is true whether you upload your data yourself or have CDSN do it. Using CDSN spares your scarce resources for additional monitoring and/or analyses. Being able to access and use high-quality water data allows you to refine your monitoring network and sampling plans.
To get started on efficiently managing and sharing your data or to schedule a customized training please email us.